What is in?

Our Story

Established in 1998, In Mortgage & Finance Solutions (imfs) was one of the earlier entrants into the mortgage broking industry in Western Australia. Born from the need to provide clients with good old-fashioned service, the emphasis being to listen to the clients’ financial needs and offer a personalised solution.


The market was full of competing brands and unimaginatively similar identities, using countless variations of the standard corporate blue and yellow palette. A trend that while perceived as communicating trust, lacked warmth, personality and difference. Enter, imfs a young and optimistic brand flying radically different flags blazoned in purple and orange – colours that are vibrant, creative and encouraging in feel.


Very different for its time, the colours were a rebellious marker of the commitment of entrepreneurial women promoting confidence and difference in a male dominated industry. The proud colours of caring and professionalism that were there from the beginning, were a symbol of professionalism and care for both clients and team.

imfs innerimg 35

So what is in?

  • Professionalism is in
  • Knowledge is in
  • Caring is in

It’s in an approach that’s…

intentional. insightful. inviting.

By a team that’s…

inspired. informative. inclusive.

imfs innerimg 34


in professionalism that’s seen.
in knowledge that’s trusted.
in caring that’s felt.

Need Help?

We know that choosing a new loan can be difficult. At imfs we’re here to help you. If you have any questions at all just give us a call or send us an email.